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As a creative director and photographer, my passion is to use my talents to transform culture and make a positive impact. My journey began as a high performance athlete, and has taken me around the world to create, shoot and produce on the sets of film, television, and campaigns. I am also a dedicated husband and father, and in my free time, I enjoy practicing judo and coaching competitive athletes.

But my true superpower is my ability to bring ideas to life with a highly disciplined, hands-on approach. I am a master of realization, driven by a strong sense of dedication and an unwavering determination to succeed. Let me bring this energy and focus to your project and create something truly unforgettable.

Selected Clients: Mercedes-Benz, Innenministerium NRW, MediaMarktSaturn, TBWA, BBDO, Heimat Werbeagentur, DDB, C3, C/O, HAVAS, fischerAppelt, Klosterfrau, Bundeswehr, Henkel, SOMAT, Loctite, Pattex, Persil, Bref, Alltours, Kuoni/DER Touristik, REWE, Bosch, Bizerba, Ford, ZDF, Brainworx, Blaues Kreuz, Deutscher Judo-Bund, Stadt Remscheid, Chameleon, Eyeworks, NEW ID, TV Movie, Tagesspiegel, Welt kompakt, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

+49 162 7 08 35 70

represented by
BOSCHTOBANRAP Artist Management
+49 221 29 28 61 15

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Photo: Björn Weber

 Portrait - MARCEL HAUPT - closeup