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I am a Germany based creative director and photographer transforming culture to impact. As a former high performance athlete I feel at home in the world of sports. I can say it's been an interesting journey and I've been lucky enough to travel around and shoot and produce on the set of TV and film productions, campaigns and documentary portraits. When I'm not spending time with my wife and son or catching up with friends, I can be found practicing judo and coaching competitive athletes.

Superpower: High-energy at all hours. 
Described as: "Wundertüte". 

Selected Clients: Mercedes-Benz, Innenministerium NRW, TBWA, BBDO, Heimat Werbeagentur, DDB, C3, C/O, HAVAS, fischerAppelt, ROBA, Bundeswehr, Henkel, SOMAT, Loctite, Pattex, Persil, Bref, Alltours, Kuoni/DER Touristik, REWE, Bosch, Bizerba, Ford, ZDF, Brainworx, Blaues Kreuz, BZI, Review/P&C, Chameleon, Eyeworks, NEW ID, TV Movie, Tagesspiegel, Welt kompakt, Süddeutsche Zeitung

CONTACT, +49 162 7 08 35 70

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Photo: Frank Lösing